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Joyce is a multitalented filmmaker and media artist living in Berlin.Originally from the countryside near Cologne, Joyce grew up in a simple minded environment, where she often experienced struggle and discrimination based on her non-binary identity. When she moved to Berlin to study film and theatre at the Freie Universität in 2015, she bonded with those, who felt the same, to then found her first queer-feminist video project, Various P, to give queer people a safe space to speak about discrimination. Within the project they established the Kiss-In during the International Day of Lesbian Visibility to work against stereotype-thinking and misconceptions. Joyce is furthermore part of networks like QMS, RAHM & PQF strengthening equality in Germany‘s culture sector. In 2020, Joyce was part of the Teddy Readers Award Jury, presenting an award during the Berlinale 2020 to create more awareness for under represented queer films and currently works as head of communication for the Soura Film Festival. Nowadays she works on her first multimedia project EVERY HUMAN A COLOR in which she explores the diversity of human gender and challenges how we think about the gender binary.

Born and raised in Berlin, to Marco the exotic and different always seemed normal. Only by getting closer to the queer community he realised, how unique Berlin actually is and how it affects queer culture and arts. After starting an apprenticeship at Deutsche Welle/ARD, he immediately fell in love with cameras. Currently exploring all possible ways of analog photography to develop his artistic approach of photography and cinematography.

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Joyce V Newrzella


Creative Mastermind


Marco Borowski


Down-to-earth technician

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