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Why we founded Queerforward ...


Joyce V Newrzella


Creative Mastermind

For me, Queerforward is exactly what it says. It is queer people advancing by working together. When I met Marco I felt how his energy and creativity connected with mine and I immediately knew, that we had to use this for something.


Even if we see topics or ideas from different perspectives, collaborating during the last projects always means to listen, to grow and to be open to a diverse environment. It took some time to find the correct word for it, but learning from other like-minded queer people to reach the next step can from now on be described with Queerforward

I have known Joyce for several years now and every so often we have had the opportunity to work on projects together. In summer 2020 whilst living with one another we have somehow managed to finish three really nice projects in as many months (for me that's a high number fo these so called Herzensprojekte). I realised, that living together and beeing closer to queer people has inspired and motivated me to spend more of my time focussing on helping queer projects grow. And this is exactly what Queerforward is aiming to do: bringing together queer media artists; beeing a Digital-WG for Queer people, giving them a chance to discuss queer topics in a queer context. And last but not leas: Providing a platform for photographs and Films from a queer perspective

Marco Borowski


Down-to-earth technician

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